Hello dear author

For the longest time we have been one of the few publishers who manage an open submissions policy and we have enjoyed going through so many of the scripts received, whether or not we actually got to publish them.

But responding to each one of you – and there are, sorry to break it to you, hundreds of manuscripts received every month – is slow work and we find ourselves with a backlog that is going to take a good few months to work through. So, we are closing the process until sometime next year when we have worked through all the scripts waiting for attention.

To find out just when we will start accepting submissions again, sign up to our mailing list, click on the link on our website join our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter or just check in again towards the end of February. One way or another, we’ll be letting you know.

Can’t wait until next year? If you’re able to fund your own book, assisted self-publishing might just be right for you. Check out our assisted self-publishing service, Staging Post for more information. www.stagingpost.co.za