The Gratitude Effect

Use Dr. Demartini's new book, The Gratitude Effect, to open your heart, inspire your mind and awaken you inner powers and hidden seeds of greatness.

Use Dr. Demartini’s new book, The Gratitude Effect, to open your heart, inspire your mind and awaken you inner powers and hidden seeds of greatness. This book will allow you to break through any limiting beliefs and will guide you to a more empowered life filled with deeper meaning and awareness.

How would you love to go to the next quantum level – beyond the world of simply "positive thinking"? Well, now you can! Are you ready to experience new levels of inspiration, creativity, and achievement through the living power of the The Gratitude Effect?

About the Author
Dr John Demartini
is a world leading inspirational speaker and author at the forefront of the burgeoning personal and professional development industry. His scope of knowledge and experience is a culmination of 34 years of research and studies of more than 28 000 texts into over 200 different disciplines ranging from psychology and philosophy to metaphysics, theology, neurology and physiology.

Born in Houston Texas Dr Demartini was one of two children. At the age of seven he was told he had a learning disability and would never read, write or communicate. At fourteen he was a high school drop out living on the streets and panhandling for food to survive. After a near death experience at seventeen due to severe strychnine poisoning Dr Demartini made a decision that would change his life forever.

"After being given a second chance I made the decision to dedicate my life to becoming a teacher, healer and philosopher. I have been working on that mission for thirty years now. I became a doctor of chiropractic and clinical research to understand the essence of healing. I became a professional speaker to master the art of teaching and I became a student of science, theology and philosophy to understand our connection with the divine."

 – Dr Demartini

Today Dr Demartini speaks 300 days a year in over fifty countries across the globe and is the author of over forty books. Some of his bestselling titles includeThe Breakthrough Experience: a revolutionary new approach to Personal transformation, Count Your Blessings and How to make one Hell of a Profit and still get to Heaven.

In recent times Dr Demartini has captured the attention of celebrities, international sport personalities, noted politicians and UN representatives as the result of a self help methodology he developed and coined as 'The Demartini Method®.

Derived from a study of quantum physics, The Demartini Method® is now being studied in a number of universities and presented to psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, health professionals and prison workers all over the world.

As a presenter, Dr Demartini has shared the stage with such noted speakers as Stephen Covey, Dr Donald Beck, Les Brown, Mark Victor Hansen, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Dr Patch Adams and many others. He has been a welcomed guest on over 1200 radio and television talk shows including: CNN Larry King Live, CBS's The Early Show, PBS's This is America with Dennis Wholey, CNBC's Alive and Wellness, Mornings with Kerrianne, Good Morning Australia, Carte Blanche, 3 Talk, and Voice of America.

With homes scattered globally Dr Demartini's main residence is aboard a luxury cruise liner. 'The World', the only resort community to continually circumnavigate the globe.

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Author: Dr. John Demartini
ISBN: 9781920292003
Size (mm): 235 X 155mm
Pages: 224pp
format: Paperback
Colour: Black & White
Rights: South Africa
Language: English
Publication Date: 2008-01-01