Retreat: The Joy of Conscious Eating

Retreat is a collection of over 80 delicious vegetarian dishes combining Western nutrition with Eastern healing philosophies to create sensational meals with a strong emphasis on how to live in greater harmony with the seasons.

Daniel shows us how to create a greater sense of mindfulness in our everyday lives by enjoying a deeper connection with the food that we prepare, and offers a glimpse of what it is like to be on retreat with Daniel.

Photographs by Sarah Kate Schäfer accompany the mouth-watering and unusual dishes to reflect Daniel’s playful interaction with a wide array of flavours and influences – from Thai and Japanese, to Moroccan and Indian. The dishes are aimed at aspiring cooks of all levels and are a heartfelt celebration of the joyous communion that we can experience through food and eating.

“My hope is that this book opens up the possibilities for nourishment and growth that cookery can bring; that you find renewed interest in everyday ingredients as well as an introduction to exciting new flavours; and that you explore the joyous possibilities that await you once you truly begin to play with your food.” – Daniel Jardim

About the author

Daniel Jardim grew up in a family of cooks and began inventing dishes from a very young age. On his thirteenth birthday he announced to his family that he had decided to become vegetarian. He spent eleven years in the UK where he studied Holistic Nutrition and offered advice on food supplementation. When he returned to South Africa in 2007, Daniel became the resident cook at the Buddhist Retreat Centre in Ixopo, KwaZulu-Natal, and created the recipes for the extremely popular cookery book The Cake the Buddha Ate (published by Jacana Media, 2011). 

Daniel currently hosts cookery retreats around South Africa with a strong emphasis on the consciousness of the food and the eater.

Author: Daniel Jardim
ISBN: 9781431405565
d-PDF ISBN: 9781431405572
Size (mm): 270x210mm
Pages: 208pp
Format: Paperback
Colour: Full colour
Rights: Southern Africa
Language: English
Publication Date: March 2014