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We Walk Straight So You Better Get Out The Way

I remember shaving off my beard in the bathroom on the eve of the camp, with Mahalia Jackson singing rousing spirituals from the living room....

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Inside Out

Tim Jenkin was imprisoned by apartheid authorities in Pretoria Maximum Security Prison for his activities on behalf of the ANC. This is the thrilling...

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Combine elements of Bob Marley, Malcolm X and Patrice Lumumba and you get a sense of the power of the world's wildest rock star. Fela created Afro...

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Make a Skyf, Man!

At last! The long awaited sequel to Way Up Way Out, Harold Strachan's boisterous tale of the early years of MK and how, because of some rudimentary...

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Ten years after democracy arrived in South Africa here is a book that gives a voice to the Afrikaner, speaking in English about the 'Miracle' of the...

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A Life of One's Own

This is a unique account of a father and daughter seeking lives of their own, each of whom is trapped in the Soviet Union by choice, circumstance and...

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The Mara Triangle Map (folded map)

The Mara Triangle is the western third of the world-famous Masai Mara, one of the greatest concentrations of large wild mammals on Earth.

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The House at the Edge of the World

This is an hilarious account of a South African family's four years living in rural Ireland and the hardships they faced rebuilding their dream stone...

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Pride: Protest and Celebration is a history of South Africa's gay pride marches and parades over the last 16 years. It brings together a host of...

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The World in an Orange

Barney Simon was the legendary artistic director, writer and co-creator of one of the most important theatres in South Africa and the world – the...

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Memory and Magic (Paperback)

The collection of 82 artworks gives an overview on the works of eleven artists of the !Xun and Khwe community which has been collected by Hella...

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Memory and Magic (Hardcover)

The collection of 82 artworks gives an overview on the works of eleven artists of the !Xun and Khwe community which has been collected by Hella...

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Breakfast with Leonard

Breakfast With Leonard is the story of the author's encounter with a West African businessman, Leonard Okala. This book is an inspiring look at ways...

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Bushbaby Night

"In the forest All is Quiet Except for the chirps and tinklings of frogs And the faint squeak of a bat. Bushbabies run quiet as shadows Along...

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Lucky Fish!

Lucky Fish! is a novel set in Johannesburg during the 1960s and is told by a 13-year old boy named Stephen. This account of Stephen's life during the...

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Sharp Sharp Zulu Dog

Vusi, an eleven-year-old Zulu boy growing up in poverty in rural South Africa, is enchanted by the helpless puppy he finds in the bush and adopts it...

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The Story of Lucky Simelane

This is the story of Lucky Simelane's search for his true identity. Lucky has been brought up in a small rural black community. But is he really...

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Power and Terror

In Power & Terror is Chomsky's first book following the runaway bestseller 9-11. Chomsky presents his latest thoughts on terrorism, US foreign...

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Good Muslim, Bad Muslim

In this brilliant look at the rise of political Islam, the distinguished political scientist and anthropologist Mahmood Mamdani brings his expertise...

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An African Christmas Cloth (Hardcover)

This is the children's book parents will buy for themselves, as much as for their children! Artist/writer, Reviva Schermbrucker, has done what must...

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