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We Walk Straight So You Better Get Out The Way

I remember shaving off my beard in the bathroom on the eve of the camp, with Mahalia Jackson singing rousing spirituals from the living room....

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Inside Out

Tim Jenkin was imprisoned by apartheid authorities in Pretoria Maximum Security Prison for his activities on behalf of the ANC. This is the thrilling...

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Combine elements of Bob Marley, Malcolm X and Patrice Lumumba and you get a sense of the power of the world's wildest rock star. Fela created Afro...

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Make a Skyf, Man!

At last! The long awaited sequel to Way Up Way Out, Harold Strachan's boisterous tale of the early years of MK and how, because of some rudimentary...

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Ten years after democracy arrived in South Africa here is a book that gives a voice to the Afrikaner, speaking in English about the 'Miracle' of the...

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A Life of One's Own

This is a unique account of a father and daughter seeking lives of their own, each of whom is trapped in the Soviet Union by choice, circumstance and...

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The Mara Triangle Map (folded map)

The Mara Triangle is the western third of the world-famous Masai Mara, one of the greatest concentrations of large wild mammals on Earth.

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The House at the Edge of the World

This is an hilarious account of a South African family's four years living in rural Ireland and the hardships they faced rebuilding their dream stone...

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Pride: Protest and Celebration is a history of South Africa's gay pride marches and parades over the last 16 years. It brings together a host of...

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The World in an Orange

Barney Simon was the legendary artistic director, writer and co-creator of one of the most important theatres in South Africa and the world – the...

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Memory and Magic (Paperback)

The collection of 82 artworks gives an overview on the works of eleven artists of the !Xun and Khwe community which has been collected by Hella...

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Memory and Magic (Hardcover)

The collection of 82 artworks gives an overview on the works of eleven artists of the !Xun and Khwe community which has been collected by Hella...

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Breakfast with Leonard

Breakfast With Leonard is the story of the author's encounter with a West African businessman, Leonard Okala. This book is an inspiring look at ways...

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Bushbaby Night

"In the forest All is Quiet Except for the chirps and tinklings of frogs And the faint squeak of a bat. Bushbabies run quiet as shadows Along...

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Lucky Fish!

Lucky Fish! is a novel set in Johannesburg during the 1960s and is told by a 13-year old boy named Stephen. This account of Stephen's life during the...

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Sharp Sharp Zulu Dog

Vusi, an eleven-year-old Zulu boy growing up in poverty in rural South Africa, is enchanted by the helpless puppy he finds in the bush and adopts it...

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The Story of Lucky Simelane

This is the story of Lucky Simelane's search for his true identity. Lucky has been brought up in a small rural black community. But is he really...

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Power and Terror

In Power & Terror is Chomsky's first book following the runaway bestseller 9-11. Chomsky presents his latest thoughts on terrorism, US foreign...

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Good Muslim, Bad Muslim

In this brilliant look at the rise of political Islam, the distinguished political scientist and anthropologist Mahmood Mamdani brings his expertise...

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An African Christmas Cloth (Hardcover)

This is the children's book parents will buy for themselves, as much as for their children! Artist/writer, Reviva Schermbrucker, has done what must...

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Uranium Road

Uranium Road provides rare insights into the history of South Africa's secretive nuclear industry. It explains how South Africa's uranium, a waste...

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Khabzela concerns the brief life and perplexing death of Fana Khaba, aka Khabzela, a youth icon whose brief life mirrors that of the first generation...

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In Tangier We Killed the Blue Parrot

In Tangier we Killed the Blue Parrot is a novel set in Morocco in the 1940s and weaves a story around the well-known writers, Paul and Jane Bowles....

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The Track

'The Track' is a railway track that connects DeRust with the outside world and Oudtshoorn.

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The Dreamcloth

It is 1994 and Mia, a strong-willed journalist in her late twenties, is returning home to Johannesburg after a decade embroiled in conflict zones...

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Flying to Disneyland

Fat and over forty, Ethne is not happy. In a flat above, thin and over forty, Derek is frightened. Mortimer comes into their lives with panache and...

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The Silent Minaret

Ishtiyaq Shukri's first novel poses questions about what happens to belief when personal ideals are betrayed by world events.

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Wildtuingids, 'n publikasie vol lieflike illustrasies, identifiseer al die mees algemene grassoorte, bome, soogdiere en voels in Kruger.

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The King's Shilling

There are two kinds of wars: one is external, a public war for all the world to witness; the other intensely private, glimpsed at by only a few.

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Chaos Theory of the Heart

In the kaleidoscope that is Lionel Abrahams, we find poet and wit, lover and critic, a voice speaking to us – especially to poets – with an...

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White Scars

A new book by South African author Denis Hirson, White Scars focuses on four books which Hirson himself read obsessively in different phases of his...

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In the Country of the Heart

Here is a new way to visit the heart of South Africa. This handsome volume contains a collection of love poetry by as varied a group of poets as has...

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Glass Jars Among Trees

This is anthology in its true sense: of poetry, short fiction, essays, comedy, stories in the form of mock movie reviews and film scripts, diary...

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They're Burning the Churches

They're Burning the Churches is meticulously written, moving account of the groundbreaking events that dramatically accelerated the downfall of...

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The Assassination of Lumumba

Patrice Lumumba, first Prime Minister of the Republic of Congo and a pioneer of African unity, was murdered on 17 January 1961. This book unravels...

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Child Soldier

This is the heartrending account of the author's terrifying journey out of her family home and into the world of bloody warfare. Set in Uganda in the...

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The Sunburnt Queen

In the late 1730s a seven-year-old English girl is washed up on the Wild Coast ... This is the true account of "the castaways" ... and Bessie, of...

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Johannesburg Portraits

How many people can truly say that they know the history of the city in which they live? It is true to say that for most of us who live in...

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The Notorious Syndicalist

Just for a moment, one week in 1919, JT Bain was the 'dictator of Johannesburg'. Would he plunge the city into a Russian-style revolution? How had...

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Introduction to Journalism (3rd edition)

Rooted in Mzantsi, Introduction to Journalism (3rd edition) offers an A-Z of everything you need to know to succeed in the newsroom or refresh rusty...

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Mending a Broken Heart

In 2004, Nadine’s son, Zack, was born with severe and complex congenital heart defects (CHD). He underwent major cardiac surgery when he was only ten...

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Positively Alive

As a successful, respected and widely accomplished businessman, the last thing Alan Brand expected was to be diagnosed as HIV positive. Positively...

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A Free Mind

During his 26 years in jail Ahmed Kathrada refused to allow the apartheid regime to confine his mind. Despite draconian prison censorship practices...

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Will the Real Ben Trovato Please Stand Up?

Ben Trovato is a man of letters, incisive wit and occasional lapses of judgment. He is a writer who refuses to be restrained within the conventional...

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The Ben Trovato (mis)guide to Golf

"Side-splittingly funny and irreverent." – Sunday Tribune

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Hearing Visions Seeing Voices

Hearing Visions Seeing Voices reveals how Mmatshilo Motsei, drawing strength from the inspiration of her ancestors, embarked upon a spiritual quest...

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Islam Explained

Islam Explained is at once an essential introduction to one of the world's great religions and a cry for tolerance and understanding in deeply...

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Back Roads of the Cape

Back Roads is not a travel guide with lists of hotels and restaurants. Instead, the pages are taken up with historical narratives, personal...

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Tommy Boys, Lesbian Men and Ancestral Wives

This unique book documents same sexuality in East and southern Africa. Eight of the chapters have been co-authored by women activists spanning six...

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One Woman Walking

Loss of love is a universal theme. Abandonment is a primal fear. Divorce severs not only connection to others but often to ourselves, becoming a...

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Stephanie Vermeulen, best known for debunking myths about emotional intelligence, does it again in her new book Stitched-up, where she demystifies...

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Spiral of Entrapment

Sponsored by the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation and endorsed by the Human Rights Foundation, Spiral of Entrapment deals with...

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Primary HIV Clinical Care

Primary Aids Care 4th Edition is a user-friendly and practical guide for primary care doctors and nurses. The manual is used in treating and...

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Zimbabwe's Land Reform Myths & Realities

Ten years after the Zimbabwean land invasions of 2000, Zimbabwe’s Land Reform: Myths and Realities by Ian Scoones and colleagues, provides the first...

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With the Lid Off

OUT OF STOCK "This book provides a bridge across a gap of time which is hard to comprehend through orthodox historical accounts. The two writers,...

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War of Words

War of Words tells the story of lives turned upside down, a nation torn apart, and unforeseen heroism during the madness of the apartheid era in...

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A is for Ancestors

A is for Ancestors is the fourth collection of works from the Caine prize for African Writing. The 2003 winner was Yvonne Adhiambo-Owuor from Kenya...

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Tenderfoots is a collection of short stories by the winner and short listed authors of the prestigious Caine Prize for African Writing 2000. The...

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Timbuktu, Timbuktu

Timbuktu, Timbuktu contains the winning and short listed stories from the Caine Prize for African Writing 2001. Bringing together writers from...

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Discovering Home

Discovering Home is the third collection of stories from the Caine Prize for African Writing and includes works by writers from Nigeria, Kenya,...

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Seventh Street Alchemy

This is the fifth anthology of Caine Prize shortlisted stories, and the third to include the proceedings of a Caine Prize African Writers' Workshop.

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Song of the Atman

Song of the Atman is a majestic saga that encompasses an infinite array of sensory detail and emerges as an amazing and thoughtful narrative of a...

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The Obituary Tango

The Obituary Tango, is an anthology of short stories from around Africa, which were submitted to the 2005 Caine Prize for African Writing. The winner...

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The White Life of Felix Greenspan

These twenty chapters are stories generated during the years of Felix Greenspan's 'white life'. He is Johannesburg-born, Jewish, spastic. His father...

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Operation Vula

Operation Vula by the renowned Dutch novelist and former head of the Dutch Anti-Apartheid Movement, Conny Braam, is an important addition to the...

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Globalisation and New Identities

Globalisation & New Identities: A view from the middle brings together 12 ethnographic studies of post-apartheid South Africa, which focus on the...

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A Patented World?

Genetically engineered crops, patented computer programs, harvesting of human cells, and the exploitation of biodiversity, molecules and atoms for...

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Ah Big Yaws?

Robin Malan's hilarious look at the way in which a type of South African pronounces English words has been an institution. Decades after this hit...

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O' Mandingo! The Only Black at a Dinner Party

O'Mandingo! The Only Black at a Dinner Party is the first book by this prolific South African actor, commentator and advertising executive. It is...

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Mary Watson from South Africa won the seventh Caine Prize for African Writing, Africa's leading literary prize, for Jungfrau, from Moss (Kwela Books,...

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Primary Clinical Care Manual - 8th Ed

A comprehensive practical reference guide for medical, nursing and para-medical personnel that sets out guidelines for the diagnosis and management...

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The New Suffolk Hymnbook

A professor contemplates the ruin of his life while delivering a passionate final lecture; a city girl suffers an unaccountably cruel twist of fate...

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Amboseli Map (folded map)

Side one of this folded map features a map of the National Park, the Amboseli wet season Dispersal Area and the Selenkay Conservation Area Track...

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Coming Back to Earth

This book is a current, comprehensive and holistic assessment of the challenges facing a developing African state within the global context.

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Cultivated Plants of Southern Africa

Cultivated Plants of Southern Africa is a must-have for botanists, nurserymen, landscapers, horticulturalists, ardent gardeners, students, lecturers...

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Drive Out Hunger

JJ Machobane is a farmer, novelist, social visionary, and a self-taught scientist. He spent 13 years researching an agricultural system that would...

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Licensed to Guide (Paperback)

Looking at animals and the landscape from a vehicle is like watching the movie; walking in the bush is reading the book. Susie Cazenove, with her...

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Licensed to Guide (Hardcover)

Looking at animals and the landscape from a vehicle is like watching the movie; walking in the bush is reading the book. Susie Cazenove, with her...

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Health and Hope in our Hands

Health and Hope in our Hands is an extremely valuable tool, providing practical and valuable advice on how to address HIV and AIDS treatment, care...

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Ecozone Map

The Ecozone Map provides a more detailed scientific look at the geology and landscape of the Kruger.

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Garden Route Guide

The Garden Route is a flat, wave-cut platform along the Cape coast in the shadow of beautiful mountains. Discover fascinating biodiversity, and enjoy...

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Masai Mara Visitor Map Guide

The Masai Mara is, quite simply, one of the greatest wildlife experiences in the world. Where else can the visitor experience two million migrating...

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Ngorongoro Visitor Map Guide

Ngorongoro is, without doubt, one of the world's truly amazing places. It has been called the "8th Wonder of the World", and in 1979 was designated a...

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The Ngorongoro Map (folded map)

Ngorongoro World Heritage Site is often described as "the 8th Wonder of the World". In addition to its breathtaking volcanic scenery, it boasts,...

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Reiseführer Krüger National Park

OUT OF STOCK Die Groben Fünf, vögel und mehr Camp karten Einrichtungen und entfernung Krüger checkliste

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Postcards from Soweto

Postcards from Soweto is a memoir of sorts. In a series of postcard vignettes, Molete relates the anecdotes of 'back in the day' when he was a child...

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Visitors Guide Kruger National Park

OUT OF STOCK The official Kruger National Park map.

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Zumanomics: Which Way to Shared Prosperity in South Africa? Essays in Political Economy comes to grips with many of the elements of the...

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Sappi Tree Spotting: Bushveld

Sappi Tree Spotting is an easy method of tree identification, written for the newcomer to an area, as well as the experienced tree enthusiast.

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Sappi Tree Spotting: KwaZulu-Natal and Eastern Cape (Revised)

Sappi Tree Spotting is a new, easy method of tree identification, written for the newcomer to the area, as well as the experienced tree enthusiast.

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Sappi Tree Spotting: Highveld

Sappi Tree Spotting is an easy method of tree identification, written for the newcomer to the area, as well as the experienced tree enthusiast.

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Parkführer, eine wunderschön illustrierte Veröffentlichung, identifiziert alle häufigsten Gräser, Bäume, Säugetiere und Vögel im Krüger National Park.

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Pilanesberg Map

Pilanesberg National Park, only one and a half hours' drive from Johannesburg, is one of the largest national parks in Southern Africa. This natural...

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Trees and Shrubs of Mpumulanga and Kruger National Park

This is a complete guide to every tree and woody shrub indigenous to the province of Mpumalanga and the entire Kruger National Park.

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Secret Mothers' Business

One night, eight women, no kids, no holding back.

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Sappi: What's in a Name?

Latin is not as widely spoken as it once was, even among well-educated people. Therefore, names that were once self-explanatory have, for most of us,...

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Sappi Tree Spotting: Lifer List

A new addition to the popular Tree Spotting series that is designed to enhance this fast-growing eco-hobby in southern Africa.

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Sappi Tree Spotting: Lowveld

Sappi Tree Spotting is a new, easy method of tree identification, written for the newcomer to the area, as well as the experienced tree enthusiast.

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Miss Kwa Kwa

Stephen Simm breaks new ground with the provocative Miss Kwa Kwa, an outrageously funny debut novel that is both a raucous satire and an ingenious...

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Beginnings of a Dream

"...Rapola is a true fabulist whose stories go beyond the documentary realism of most of South African fiction to a hyper-realistic plane of African...

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