Guide To Animals


Guide to the Animals of Southern Africa provides young outdoor enthusiasts with fascinating facts about animals inhabiting southern Africa.

Full-colour photographs, beautiful illustrations and informative text helps children understand what the lives of these animals are all about. It answers many fun and intriguing questions about why the animals look and behave the way they do.

Discover the amazing adaptations that animals have developed in order to survive. Find out about their lifecycles, the places they live, why some keep territories, why they migrate or hibernate, how they find a mate and escape predators, and how they interact with one another.

The book is divided into the following categories:

• Mammals

• Birds

• Frogs and Reptiles

• Insects and other Invertebrates

Conservation matters are discussed under each category and practical examples are given throughout the book, under the heading How can you help?


Lynne Matthews is a freelance zoological and environmental consultant based in Durban, South Africa. She has worked on various projects such as biodiversity conservation and management and sustainable development and integrated natural resource management at numerous institutions, including Indiflora Environmental Services, the International Livestock Research Institute, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, and the Mammal Research Institute. She has published a number of environmental education and awareness books.



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Author: Lynne Matthews 
ISBN: 978-1-4314-2329-3
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Size (mm): 210x140mm
Pages: 270pp
Format: Paperback
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Publication Date: May 2016