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’n Vlieër vlieg oor Afrika

Hierdie boek propvol illustrasies vertel die storie van hoe Attie en sy pa ’n vlieër maak. Maar as hulle die vlieër laat vlieg, breek die tou ......

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’n Maat vir Asanda

As Mama watches from afar, Asanda visits the animals in her world, looking for a new friend. In this gorgeously illustrated book, the story...

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Zwivhumbeo hoṱhehoṱhe

The world is full of shapes. Everywhere you look you see circles, triangles and squares.

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Zunami! The 2009 South African Election

The South African general elections of April 2009 were the most momentous and important since the 'miracle' elections for a democratic Parliament in...

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Zuma’s Bastard: Encounters with a Desktop Terrorist

Zuma’s Bastard is the first collection of writing from Azad Essa. The book is based on his widely acclaimed blog, the Accidental Academic.

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Zumanomics Revisited

Zumanomics Revisited is a sequel to the successful 2009 publication, Zumanomics – Which Way to Shared Prosperity in South Africa? This was a...

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Zumanomics: Which Way to Shared Prosperity in South Africa? Essays in Political Economy comes to grips with many of the elements of the...

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Zoo City

Zoo City is the intoxicating second novel from the author of the critically acclaimed Moxyland. Set in a wildly re-imagined Johannesburg, it swirls...

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Zimbabwe's Land Reform Myths & Realities

Ten years after the Zimbabwean land invasions of 2000, Zimbabwe’s Land Reform: Myths and Realities by Ian Scoones and colleagues, provides the first...

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Zimbabwe Takes Back It's Land

Zimbabwe Takes Back Its Land finds that the new farmers are doing relatively well, improving their lives and becoming increasingly productive,...

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Zimbabwe in Transition

Zimbabwe’s transition to democracy in the post-independence era has been a very difficult one. To date, there have been a number of sustained efforts...

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Zen Dust

Zen Dust moves from the stoep to the dusty roads of the Karoo, drawing inspiration and contemplating life as Osler drives between Poplar Grove, his...

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Zebra Crossings

Here are egte South African stories that flirt with legend and history, go to bed with world literature, and produce a golem elephant, a talking...

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This delightful collection of humorous stories is set in the mythical village of Ystervarkrivier (Ace-Turf-Arc-Riff-Ear) – a forgotten outpost of the...

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Your Stars – What to Expect in 2018

In the 1990s, Rod Suskin predicted the 9/11 Trade Tower attacks that shocked the world. In South Africa, he predicted the exact date for the 1994...

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Zaza has a very busy and exciting day. From getting up, to singing and story time, it is always time for something fun! Join Zaza in her daily...

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Yimani, langutani mi tlhela mi yingisela!

The rules to crossing the road are taught to children from a young age. Yimani, langutani mi tlhela mi yingisela! uses well-known African animals,...

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Yima, ubheke ulalele!

The rules to crossing the road are taught to children from a young age. Yima, ubheke ulalele! uses well-known African animals, including monkeys,...

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Xinhwanyetana lexi a xi ala ku kula

Kulani a ku ri Xinhwanyetana lexi a xi rhandza tata wa xona hi mbilu ya xona hinkwayo.

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WTF: Capturing Zuma

WTF is renowned cartoonist Zapiro’s account of the Zuma years in 400 brilliant cartoons and the stories behind them.

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Writing the Decline

A Compelling Invitation to Take Democracy Seriously

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Writing the City into Being

Writing the City into Being spans more than a decade of work on Johannesburg. It is both an unflinching analysis of the characteristics of an...

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Writing Madness

Introducing the perspective of 'writing madness' into African literature means seeing that literature from a different angle, through the lenses of...

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Worlds in One Country

Worlds in One Country is a compact, inclusive history of writing in South Africa from the nineteenth century to 1994 that crosses boundaries of...

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Work in Progress and Other Stories

Now in its 10th year, the Caine Price presents another unmissable opportunity to tune in to what is going on in African fiction.

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Women: South Africans of Indian Origin

Women: South Africans of Indian origin steps into a critical gap in our understanding of our evolution into a society united in its diversity.

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Women's Rights

All over the world, women and girls are being denied their social, economic, political and civil rights. The aim of this book is to expose this...

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Wolf Trap

Paola Dante is a driven project manager employed by a large multinational information technology corporation who reads war strategy books for...

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With the Lid Off

OUT OF STOCK "This book provides a bridge across a gap of time which is hard to comprehend through orthodox historical accounts. The two writers,...

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With my Head above the Parapet: An insider account of the ANC in power

‘There is no room for sentimentality in politics and I am no mood to put a rosy gloss on where we are now.’ – Ben Turok

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WIN! Compelling conversations with 20 successful South Africans

Imagine learning from South Africa’s best of the best in their respective fields – be it business, sport, politics, entertainment or philanthropy –...

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Will the Real Ben Trovato Please Stand Up?

Ben Trovato is a man of letters, incisive wit and occasional lapses of judgment. He is a writer who refuses to be restrained within the conventional...

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Wildtuingids, 'n publikasie vol lieflike illustrasies, identifiseer al die mees algemene grassoorte, bome, soogdiere en voels in Kruger.

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Wie’s tog Bang vir die Donker?

Sanelle is bang vir die donker. Sy hoor vreemde geluide en kan nie slaap nie.

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Wie is Koning?

These 10 stories are drawn from the rich folklore of Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, Malawi, Lesotho, Zimbabwe and South Africa, and are...

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Why Dog is Afraid of Storms

Have you ever wondered why dogs are so afraid of thunder storms?

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Who's Afraid of the Dark?

Sanele is afraid of the dark. She hears strange noises and can’t sleep. She thinks there are monsters under her bed and a lion in the house. What...

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Who Killed Hammarskjöld?

Susan Williams has written a shocking exposé of the true story behind the death of the celebrated UN Secretary-General, Dag Hammarskjöld, published...

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Who Is King?

These 10 stories are drawn from the rich folklore of Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, Malawi, Lesotho, Zimbabwe and South Africa, and are...

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Who is King in the Land of Kachoo?

Arm yourself with a pair of binoculars, compass and water canteen; get ready to step into a land of adventure where wild animals roam free; sit down...

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White Scars

A new book by South African author Denis Hirson, White Scars focuses on four books which Hirson himself read obsessively in different phases of his...

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White Paper, White Ink

The ultimate page-turner. Imagine a crash course in South African history presented as a page turning, Shawshank Redemption-like, jail house-rock...

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Where's the Chicken?

This is a book about making South Africa safe, written by two experts on crime & safety and civic affairs. It is a unique, interesting and...

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When Morning Comes

Written from the points of view of four young people living in Johannesburg and its black township, Soweto – Zanele, a black female student...

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When Loving Him Hurts

When Loving Him Hurts – a unique guide book that takes you through the complex web of domestic abuse, avoiding victim-based myths and showing women...

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When I was a Fish

This fast-paced, highly readable book not only recounts the extraordinary life of Mike Bruton, one of the leading fish biologists in Africa, but also...

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When Hungry, Eat

Reminiscent of Eat, Pray, Love, When Hungry, Eat is a humorous yet poignant celebration of unexpected spiritual wisdom, small portions and the gifts...

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When Hope Whispers

This is a story about a woman; a story about her struggle. As the survivor of great tragedy; this is a story about triumph.

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When a State Turns on its Citizens

Lloyd Sachikonye traces the roots of Zimbabwe's contemporary violence since 2000, which has seen state-sponsored violence erupting in election...

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What Will People Say?

“... may well be seen as one of the most interesting and unexpected pieces of fiction published in this country in recent years” – Imraan Coovadia

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What is Left Unsaid

Reporting the South African HIV Epidemic - Selected Journalism, Research and Analysis, 2003-2010.

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What are you doing?

Lele is very busy today. He makes his way through his house asking each family member, “What are you doing?”

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Lele is very busy today. He makes his way through his house asking each family member, “What are you doing?”

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Wenza ntoni?

Lele is very busy today. He makes his way through his house asking each family member, “What are you doing?”

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Lele is very busy today. He makes his way through his house asking each family member, “What are you doing?”

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We Walk Straight So You Better Get Out The Way

I remember shaving off my beard in the bathroom on the eve of the camp, with Mahalia Jackson singing rousing spirituals from the living room....

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We Don’t Talk About It. Ever.

Celebrate an inspiring woman during Women’s Month with We Don’t Talk About It. Ever., the brilliant debut memoir by ex-heroin addict and ex-hooker,...

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We Are No Longer at Ease 

We Are No Longer at Ease is a collection of personal articles, essays, speeches and poetry mainly from voices of young people who were part of the...

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Wat doen jy?

Lele is very busy today. He makes his way through his house asking each family member, “What are you doing?”

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War of Words

War of Words tells the story of lives turned upside down, a nation torn apart, and unforeseen heroism during the madness of the apartheid era in...

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The true and epic story of a boy’s survival in the face of impossible odds.

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While living in Johannesburg, British photographer Jason Larkin was struck by the ever-present reality of people waiting. He was drawn to those who...

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Vuvuzela Nation

VuvuzelaNation is a collection of more than 200 iconic cartoons from the nation’s sharpest bestselling cartoonist telling the curious, glorious,...

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Voices From the Forest

Voices from the Forest is a fascinating book which explores the journey of celebrating the link between people and nature.

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Visitors Guide Kruger National Park

OUT OF STOCK The official Kruger National Park map.

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Visions of Black Economic Empowerment

Visions of Black Economic Empowerment brings together leading South African analysts and practitioners in the most comprehensive analysis of Black...

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Vhurukhu Vhulapfu

Itshi ndi tshiṱori tsha vhuvhili nga ha tshiṋamana tsha Nguni tsho KHUTHALAHO tshi vhidzwaho Zwikhala.

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Vanghana vanharhu ni thekisi

Nthyeketo lowu mi nga ta wu hlaya wu runguleriwe mutsari hi muheleketi wa vaendzi endzeni ka thekisi ya le tikweni ra swihlale ra Comores.

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UThando Rocker

Hambisana noThando Rocker ohambweni lwakhe oluya emdlalweni webhola lezinyawo, ungasabi ukuphupha nokuba yiqhawe.

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UThando Rocker

Joyina uThando Rocker kuhambo lwakhe oluya kumdlalo omkhulu wesoka, nokuba nesibindi sokuba namaphupha uze ube ligorha elilelakho.

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UThando Rocker

Zibandakanye noThando Rocker ekhambeni lakhe lomdlalo omkhulu webholo erarhwako, iba nebhudango bese uba yikutani ngokwakho.

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Utata kaJafta

Jafta’s father is coming home. He has been away for a very long time, but things are changing in his country and now he can return. Jafta will be...

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USikhukhukazana obomvu

USikhukhukazana obomvu uzizwa elambile ucabanga ukwenza isinkwa.

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'Dear God, I am 39 years old. My dandruff seems to be getting worse each year. When I grow up I want to go to Machu Picchu. Or the moon. Or anywhere...

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USdumo noVikela

Written and illustrated in 1973 by one of South Africa’s most famous artists, Gerard Sekoto, Shorty and Billy Boy is a book for children as well as...

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Uranium Road

Uranium Road provides rare insights into the history of South Africa's secretive nuclear industry. It explains how South Africa's uranium, a waste...

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UP UP: Stories of Johannesburg’s Highrises

UP UP: Stories of Johannesburg’s Highrises presents a selection of buildings in the inner city of Johannesburg.

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Up in Arms

This is an insider’s story of political drama and intrigue during the Mbeki era when the arms deal controversy erupted and pitted Parliament against...

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UNyama neMpofu

UNyama neMpofu libali lokukhula kukaNyama, intwazana ezalwa ngabaThwa. UNyama umamela uninakhulu embalisela amabali ayolisayo emveli athetha...

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Unspoken Alliance

Sasha Polakow-Suransky tells the full story of how Israel's booming arms industry and South Africa's isolation led to a hidden military alliance that...

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UNosipho uzokuhlala oko

Abazali bakaThandi babulewe yi-AIDS, kwaye kufuneka ayokuhlala noMakhulu wakhe. Iinkumbulo zosapho lwakhe zolukwe ngokwenza unodoli okhethekileyo –...

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UNosipho uzohlala noGogo

Abazali bakaThandi babulawe yi-AIDS, ngakho kufanele aye kohlala nogogo wakhe. Inkumbulo yomndeni wakhe ivezwa ngokulandela umcikilisho wokwenza...

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In 12 hours, your life could change forever, as Zizi discovers. On the night preceding his Student Representative Council presidential manifesto, and...

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UNguni Omhle

Khangela phezulu. Khangela kulaa mihlambi kaNguni isesibhakabhakeni.

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Understanding Namibia

On 28 November 2014 Namibians will hold their fifth democratic parliamentary and presidential elections.

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Unconquerable Spirit

George Stow was a Victorian man of many parts - poet, historian, ethnographer and prolific writer. Unconquerable Spirit reveals for the first time...

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Uncertain Curature

Uncertain Curature is a book that begins with the image of a dead saint. It ends with the avowal that the archives of our past demand unsettling and...

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Based in Nigeria and the United Kingdom, Unbridled chronicles the story of a young woman, Ngozi, who suffers various aspects of abuse from her family.

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UN Peacekeeping in Africa

Nearly half of all UN peacekeeping missions in the post–Cold War era have been in Africa, and the continent currently hosts the greatest number (and...

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UMntanenkosi Othokozile ka-Oscar Wilde

Njengoba emi phezu kwensika ephakeme nje, uMntanenkosi Othokozile, isichuse esiphambili ngempela esenziwe ngegolide, ukwazi ukubona lonke usizi...

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Umngani wa Asanda

As Mama watches from afar, Asanda visits the animals in her world, looking for a new friend. In this gorgeously illustrated book, the story...

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Umngani kaThembana

As Mama watches from afar, Asanda visits the animals in her world, looking for a new friend. In this gorgeously illustrated book, the story...

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Umngani ka-Asanda

As Mama watches from afar, Asanda visits the animals in her world, looking for a new friend. In this gorgeously illustrated book, the story...

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Ummbila noBhontshisi (Hardcover)

Lena indaba yesithathu yenkonyane iNguni Elihle elaziwa ngokuthi uZikhala. Kule ndaba, uZikhala nomzala wakhe uBhontshisi bafuna ukutshala ummbila...

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Ummbila neMabhontjisi (Softcover)

Lena yindzaba yesitsatfu lekhuluma ngelitfole leLISHAPHU lakaNguni lelinguKhala. Nyalo-ke, Khala banemzala wakhe Bhontjsi bafuna kulima ummbila...

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Umkhonto weSizwe

Umkhonto weSizwe was arguably the last of the great liberation movements of the 20th century – but it never got to march triumphant into Pretoria.

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Umhlobo ka-Asanda

As Mama watches from afar, Asanda visits the animals in her world, looking for a new friend. In this gorgeously illustrated book, the story...

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Umfana weKwelusa

Malusi ngumfana lowelusa timvu netimbuti tababe wakhe le etintsabeni taseTranskei. Nakelusile Malusi udlala tindvuku nebangane bakhe, kube ngetulu...

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UMbona noMbotyi (Hardcover)

Le yincwadi yesithathu ngethole likaNguni OMHLE elithiywe ngokuba nguZithuba. Ngeli ityeli, uZithuba nomzala wakhe uMbotyi bafuna ukulima umbona...

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