Braai the Beloved Country

If you are human, you can braai. Cooking meat over a fire is something that defines our evolution as a species. The act of using fire to cook food even defines our social structure as mammals – thanks to the lucky lightning strike eons ago, and the fact that there were some steaks handy.

Take everything you think you know about cooking and forget it. Jean Nel is re-inventing the braai. It is about so much more than just steaks and boerewors; anything that can be eaten can be braaied. From salads to sides, meats to veg... you could even invite a vegetarian to a braai! 

In Braai the Beloved Country, Jean Nel shares his favourite braai recipes from 15 years of cooking, training and catering. The book contains the secrets of cooking everything from a perfect ‘tjoppie’ to breads and salads on that favourite South African cultural icon – the braai. Not only does he present a host of delicious and unexpected recipes; he goes beyond just cooking, covering everything you need to know about the braai including the tools you’ll need and their maintenance.

About the Author

Jean Nel is a trusted instructor at the Pick n Pay Good Food Studio and an official Weber coach for the Western Cape. His recipes are staples in households across the country. Now he has finally written down all the recipes that make him such a sought-after teacher and corporate event caterer.

Author: Jean Nel
ISBN: 9781431409082
d-PDF ISBN: 9781431422869
Size (mm): 230x170mm
Pages: 160pp
Format: Trade Paperback
Colour: Colour
Rights: World
Language: English
Publication Date: October 2013