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Goldilocks & the three Rhinos

Goldilocks and the three Rhinos is a classic tale brought to life through magical illustrations by Joan Rankin. It is retold with an African flair,...

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Anna Carries Water

“A gentle story about growing up. Anna’s goal is simple, but the text doesn’t trivialize her frustration at not being able to carry water the...

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The Singing Stone

Written by award-winning author Wendy Hartmann, The Singing Stone is a magical tale about family love and encourages children to believe in...

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The Johannesburg Gas Works

The Johannesburg Gas Works (now Egoli Gas) is a familiar and spectacular industrial landmark in the city. Its dramatic holding towers and red-brick...

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While living in Johannesburg, British photographer Jason Larkin was struck by the ever-present reality of people waiting. He was drawn to those who...

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Hotel Yeoville

Hotel Yeoville was a participatory public art project, conceptualised and directed by artist Terry Kurgan, and based online and in the public library...

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UP UP: Stories of Johannesburg’s Highrises

UP UP: Stories of Johannesburg’s Highrises presents a selection of buildings in the inner city of Johannesburg.

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Sometimes I make money one day of the week

Lisa King made photographs in the ZSE from 2011 till its migration to digital technology in 2014. Her project is a reflection on the physical and...

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Hanging on a Wire

Foreword by Zoë Wicomb, with essays by Rick Rohde, Virginia MacKenny, Timm Hoffman, Ben Cousins and Siona O’Connell

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August House is Dead, Long Live August House!

In the east end of the inner city of Johannesburg, a former textiles factory undergoes a dramatic transformation to become, over the next several...

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Johannesburg. Made in China

In the ninth book of the acclaimed series Wake Up, This is Joburg, photographer Mark Lewis and writer Tanya Zack follow professional shoppers who...

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Extremisms in Africa

Scholars agree that a direct correlation can be made between poor governance and the emergence of extremist movements.

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Writing the City into Being

Writing the City into Being spans more than a decade of work on Johannesburg. It is both an unflinching analysis of the characteristics of an...

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The Last Sentence

“Come to me...,” she said, softly, “and I will make your pen sing again.”

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Ecstasy of Brush Strokes

Baby, it’s cold outside… Still hungry after Fifty Shades?

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An Image in a Mirror Cover

An Image in a Mirror

‘Strange, how humans desire to see themselves in a mirror image: staring back from the glass, their parts reversed, but their colours reflected.’

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Born To Kwaito

From Alaska to Trompies. From Brown Dash to Boom Shaka. From the streets of eNdofaya to Zola, Kwaito arguably represents the most important music...

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Coach – The life and soccer times of Clive Barker

The book is not only an in-depth look at Clive Barker the coach, but also gives insight into Clive Barker the man, the husband, the father and the...

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Garden Route_Cov

A guide to the Garden Route

The definitive guide to the Garden Route, REVISED AND UPDATED. Finally, some good news for the Garden Route.

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George’s Secret Key to the Universe

Children’s writer and science educator Lucy Hawking is visiting South Africa to highlight the importance of getting young people excited about...

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Hidden Voices Flashes in Her Soul: The Life of Jabu Ndlovu

The life and times of Jabu Ndlovu, a strong woman – wife, mother, worker, union activist – who fought for the rights of her fellow workers and...

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Good Capitalism, Bad Capitalism – The Role of Business in South Africa

Written by prominent economist, Raymond Parsons, together with Ali Parry, the book offers a balanced and absorbing analysis of what various...

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I Remember Nelson Mandela

‘Nothing is more important than to be loved by your colleagues.’ – Nelson Mandela, 5 August 2008, addressing the staff of the Nelson Mandela...

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Sol Plaatje – A life of Solomon Tshekisho Plaatje 1876–1932

It takes a historian who was invested many years in research to write a biography as detailed as this one. Willan relates Plaatje’s story with such...

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As You Like It

“We are homosexuals, heterosexuals, bisexuals, transsexuals and whateversexuals, burning to rescue this continent …” – Pwaangulongii Dauod

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“The writers in this triumphant anthology are both courageous and candid, allowing the reader a glimpse into their lives. There is need for more of...

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Things even González can’t Fix

Things even González can’t Fix is the shockingly brilliant debut memoir of a 24-year-old Greek South African girl, Christy Chilimigras. It is nothing...

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Small Things

‘Behind this story of love, music and the eternal quest lies an artistic sensibility as generous as it is complex. The prose is rich in texture, the...

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Rusty Bell

‘Mohlele’s voice is novel and shows a concern ... for beautiful language for its own sake.’– Percy Zvomuya, Mail & Guardian

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Mr Bitcoin: How I became a millionaire at 21

It is 2018 and we find ourselves in a world where it is possible and seemingly not uncommon to become a self-made millionaire at a very early age.

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Broken River Tent COV

The Broken River Tent

The Broken River Tent is a novel that marries imagination with history. It is about the life and times of Maqoma, the Xhosa chief who was at the...

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Born to be Free

When the grand old ‘lion man of Africa’, George Adamson, passed away, the last of his lion cub orphans faced an uncertain future.

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When Morning Comes

Written from the points of view of four young people living in Johannesburg and its black township, Soweto – Zanele, a black female student...

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An Image in a Mirror

‘Strange, how humans desire to see themselves in a mirror image: staring back from the glass, their parts reversed, but their colours reflected.’

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How to Steal a Country LR

How to Steal a Country

Based on Renwick’s personal experiences of the main protagonists, it describes the extraordinary influence achieved by the Gupta family for those...

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Jack Simons: Teacher, Scholar, Comrade

Jack Simons was much more than a romantic revolutionary and public intellectual. He was interested in art, literature and religion. He was a walker...

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Oliver Tambo A Jacana Pocket Biography

This Jacana Pocket Biography analyses the sources of Tambo’s strength as a leader, emphasising his integrity, his commitment to non-racial democracy,...

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Indentured – Behind the Scenes at Gupta TV

“Why Zuma?” asked Atul Gupta. “We have close relations with everyone in the ANC. If Zuma is ever ousted, I can tell you for sure that the next one in...

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Protest to challenge

From Protest to Challenge Vol. 4 Political profiles, 1882–1990

From Protest to Challenge Volume 4: Political Profiles, 1882–1990, in Jacana’s second edition of the six volumes of From Protest to Challenge,...

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Rhino Revolution

Rhino Revolution: Searching for new solutions

The rhino does not belong to us. It belongs to no one. All that we own is the responsibility of ensuring that it persists and that future books on...

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Brutal Legacy: A Memoir

What had started off as a fairy-tale romance with a man who appeared to be everything that Going was looking for – charming, handsome and successful...

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Beat about the Bush

Beat about the Bush Exploring the Wild – The Comprehensive Guide

Beat about the Bush is a series of remarkable books for outdoor and nature lovers. This comprehensive guide has been expanded to include not only...

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Tug of War

This funny, heart-warming retelling from Naomi Howarth, alongside beautiful illustrations, teaches children that wit and wisdom are more important...

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The Eagle and the Springbok – Essays on Nigeria and South Africa

Nigeria and South Africa account for about a third of Africa’s economic might, and have led much of its conflict management initiatives over the last...

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Rights to Land

Rights to Land A guide to tenure upgrading and restitution in South Africa

The issue of land rights is an ongoing and complex topic of debate for South Africans. Rights to Land comes at a time when land redistribution by...

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WIN! Compelling conversations with 20 successful South Africans

Imagine learning from South Africa’s best of the best in their respective fields – be it business, sport, politics, entertainment or philanthropy –...

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The Curse of Teko Modise

For too long now the world of South African football and the world of books have been kept apart. As soon as a local sports book hits the shelves, we...

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Cattle of the Ages – Ankole cattle in South Africa

This book is a narrative and pictorial celebration of the Ankole, the most magnificent breed of cattle in the world.

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Your Stars – What to Expect in 2018

In the 1990s, Rod Suskin predicted the 9/11 Trade Tower attacks that shocked the world. In South Africa, he predicted the exact date for the 1994...

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BC reader

The Black Consciousness Reader

There is a current revival of Black Consciousness in South Africa, as political and student movements – as well as academics and campaigners working...

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New Times

From the acclaimed and award-winning author of What Will People Say? Rehana Rossouw takes us into a world seemingly filled with promise yet...

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A Simple Man – KASRILS and the ZUMA ENIGMA

A gripping page-turner that courageously exposes the intrigues underway and threats to our young democracy.

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Running Wild – The Story of Zulu, an African Stallion

“A marvellous multi-layered story about people, horses and wildlife in an African wilderness called Tuli.” – Gareth Patterson, best-selling author of...

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Caine Prize 2017

The Goddess of Mtwara and Other Stories

The Caine Prize for African Writing is a literature prize awarded to an African writer of a short story published in English. The prize was launched...

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Cancer: A love story

‘What a privilege to read this beautifully written, immensely inspirational and brave story. Lauren’s personality and energy leaps off the page – the...

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Moz and Brazil_COV

Mozambique and Brazil – Forging New Partnerships or Developing Dependency?

This book critically investigates the expanding involvement of a leading emerging power, Brazil, in one of Africa’s fastest growing economies,...

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Invertebrates of Southern Africa & their Tracks and Signs

Invertebrates of Southern Africa and their Tracks & Signs covers a never-before-explored aspect of Southern African nature and is an essential new...

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Letters to my Comrades – Interventions & excursions

Z Pallo Jordan is the quintessential man of political letters on the one hand, and an astute literary historian in his own inimitable way, penning...

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Wolf Trap

Paola Dante is a driven project manager employed by a large multinational information technology corporation who reads war strategy books for...

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Hooray! Thoko

Hooray! Thoko by award-winning author, Niki Daly, is the first in the Thoko series. It has four wonderful stories that all follow a girl named Thoko...

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Safaris & Spices – An African food journey

“African food is hugely underrated, and modern South African cuisine is far removed from boring old bobotie and pale milk tart. I hope through...

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A Drain on Our Dignity

As a photojournalist, Feni spends a lot of time photographing service delivery strikes and protest in the townships. Often the images that make it...

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Killing Karoline

Born Karoline King in 1980 in Johannesburg South Africa, Sara-Jayne (as she will later be called by her adoptive parents) is the result of an affair,...

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Reflecting Rogue

Reflecting Rogue is the much anticipated and brilliant collection of experimental autobiographical essays on power, pleasure and South African...

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FC_From A to B reprint_25Aug2017

From A to B Second Edition

Is this a self-help book? Not quite. This is the story of how a girl from Mafikeng in the North West found her face next to that of Halle Berry’s in...

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Nyambura Waits For The Bus

Nyambura is going to visit her Gogo! She arrives at the bustling market place to find that she is last in the queue and that the bus has not yet...

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The Energy Code – Mastering energy in the age of burnout

We are facing a personal and collective energy crisis! Dr Ela Manga believes that suffering from stress and burnout has reached epidemic...

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This is the Chick

Written in rhyme by best-loved children’s author Wendy Hartmann, This is the Chick will educate, enchant and entertain. With magical illustrations...

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Dis-eases of Secrecy Tracing history, memory and justice

Between 1981 and 1995, a top-secret chemical and biological warfare programme titled Project Coast was established and maintained by South Africa’s...

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Inside Apartheid’s Prison

“Raymond Suttner is one of a small number of white comrades who played a substantial role in bringing apartheid to an end. His book should be read by...

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Pride and Prejudice The Gerald Kraak Anthology - African Perspectives on Gender, Social Justice and Sexuality

Pride and Prejudice is the first in the Gerald Kraak Anthology series. The kaleidoscopic collection comprises the most exceptional written and...

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Selling LipService

Selling LipService, Tammy Baikie’s remarkable debut novel, was the winner of the Dinaane Debut Fiction Award in 2016. Daring in scope and...

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Miss Behave

Upon encountering historian Laurel Thatcher Ulrich’s quote, ‘well-behaved women seldom make history’, Malebo Sephodi knew that she was tired of...

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The Elders at the Door

Early one morning three tired, dirty, hungry elders – Blessing, Wisdom and Love – knock on the door of a family home. The family wishes to invite...

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If I stay Right Here

Shay, a seemingly shy and innocent journalism student, is sent to a female prison to cover a story on an inmate, but falls in love instead. Two...

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The Last Stop

Set in the taxi industry, the story’s main characters are a poor taxi driver, a wealthy taxi owner and the taxi driver’s girlfriend. Crime fiction...

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Last Night at the Bassline

In 1994 Brad and Paige Holmes opened a small, live-music venue in the bohemian suburb of Melville in Johannesburg. They called it Bassline, which...

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Shadow Play Cover

Shadow Play

Shadow Play is a powerful novel of subterfuge, betrayal, risk and deep bonds of friendship formed during a time of struggle and pain while a new...

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The Wild Fluffalump – A Bedtime Story

The Wild Fluffalump is a delightful story that will have children engrossed until the very last page. An unknown animal, goes to sleep under a...

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Apartheid Guns and Money - A tale of profit

In over 600 pages, this meticulously researched book finally lifts the lid on some of the darkest secrets of apartheid’s economic crimes, weaving...

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In Seun lê Sonnekus die sogenaamde Noughties op skitterende wyse vas met sy tragikomiese karakter Len Bezuidenhout, ’n onlangs geskeide man wie se...

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Son is a stunning achievement in post-apartheid writing. The debut novel by South African writer, Neil Sonnekus, Son brims with brio, verve and...

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Its Me Marah COV

It's Me, Marah - An Autobiography

‘Show business as we know it is very unpredictable. For a few years I was the talk of the town. It was getting hard to even go shopping without being...

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SPY - Uncovering Craig Williamson

It was in 1972 when the seemingly ordinary Craig Williamson registered at Wits University and joined the National Union of South African Students...

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Solidarity Road

Edward Webster, Professor Emeritus, Wits University The events leading to the Marikana massacre not only shattered South Africa’s image of itself as...

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Sibanda and the Black Sparrowhawk

Detective Inspector Jabulani Sibanda, a hard-bodied, bush-loving, instinctive crime fighter, is the focus of this series. He is based in a village on...

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Being Chris Hani’s Daughter

When Chris Hani, leader of the South African Communist Party and heir apparent to Nelson Mandela, was brutally slain in his driveway in April 1993,...

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SA’s Corporatised Liberation

A critical analysis of the ANC in power

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International best-selling children’s classic reprinted after 53 years.

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