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Life planning combined with financial planning is the secret to a meaningful retirement

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Courage to Lead: Leadership lessons from Kilimanjaro

What is leadership? Is it an abstract concept, difficult to define and grasp? Or is it a collection of simple, practical principles that can be...

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New Markets, New Mindsets

Doing business with low-income communities – which academics and practitioners have christened ‘the base of the pyramid’ (BoP) – now includes a focus...

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Flight at Dawn

Frost uses brilliant and insightful lessons and analogies from his experiences from the bush. This book aims to provide readers with ways to improve...

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Recovery RSA

South Africa has one of the highest rising rates of addicts in the world. Recovery RSA is the go-to guide for recovering addicts, families,...

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The Gratitude Effect

Use Dr. Demartini's new book, The Gratitude Effect, to open your heart, inspire your mind and awaken you inner powers and hidden seeds of greatness.

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