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Short-Changed? South Africa since 1994

What are the most significant developments – political, social, economic – in South Africa since 1994? How much has changed since the demise of...

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The Soweto Uprising

The 1976 Soweto uprising represented a real turning point in South Africa’s history. Even to contemporaries it seemed to mark the beginning of the...

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Animals of Southern Africa - Mammals

Filled with fascinating facts, this series looks at the extraordinary animals living in southern Africa. Discover the amazing adaptations that...

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Ingrid Jonker

Dubbed the South African Sylvia Plath due to the intensity of her work and the tragic course of her turbulent life, Ingrid Jonker is one of the most...

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Govan Mbeki

This is a pocket biography of Govan Archibald Mvuyelwa Mbeki (9 July 1910 – 30 August 2001) an intellectual giant who radiated an unfailing...

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The ANC Youth League

The Youth League’s foundation in 1944 by Ashley Peter Mda, Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu and Oliver Tambo marked the rise of a new generation of...

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Animals of Southern Africa

Filled with fascinating facts, this series looks at the extraordinary animals living in southern Africa.

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Readings in the ANC Tradition: Volume II

This book is a companion to the first book in the series, The Historical Roots of the ANC. Like Volume I, it too provides a selection of important...

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This biography draws on the last two decades of historical research to reassess the eyewitness accounts and use newly available oral traditions.

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Umkhonto weSizwe

Umkhonto weSizwe was arguably the last of the great liberation movements of the 20th century – but it never got to march triumphant into Pretoria.

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