The Field Guide to Shorebirds of South Africa

There are four groups of birds that are always considered challenging by inexperienced birders, namely raptors, warblers (little brown jobs– LBJs), larks and pipits (medium brown jobs) and waders (grey jobs).

This unique new guide will help identify the more common waders (shorebirds) in South Africa and will appeal to both experienced birders as well as novices.

Using classification, characteristics and behaviour, and based on an 8-point identification framework, the reader is guided through the stages of identification of shorebirds. The book also gives visual clues to both plovers and sandpipers through silhouettes and plumage patterns showing their relative size as a key to identification, as well as photos with key species characteristics. Also included are descriptions of habitats, tables showing seasonality, abundance, and distribution.

About the Authors

Roy Cowgill has been bird watching for many years throughout southern Africa and in various parts of the world. He has gained wide experience in bird guide training, leading birdwatchers and students into the field on excursions and educational trips over the years. Roy is currently a member of Bird Life South Africa Council and president of Bird Life Port Natal. He was educated at Durban Teachers’ Training College and the University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg, where he completed a Teaching Diploma and a B.Sc Hons in Zoology. He is currently teaching Life Sciences at Durban High School.

Stephen Davis has been a birder since moving to South Africa in 1975 and has birded in most parts of southern Africa and many countries around the world. He has presented numerous birding talks and courses with Roy, has previously served on the Bird Life Port Natal Committee and until recently was the Chair of the KwaZulu- Natal Rare Birds Committee. Stephen is a Chemical Engineer by profession, having gained an M.Sc.Eng (Chem) at the University of Natal, Durban, and is currently a Head of Process Engineering research at the Sugar Milling Research Institute in Durban.

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Parameters of Book:
Author: Roy Cowgill and Stephen Davis
ISBN: 9781431406470
d-PDF ISBN: 9781431406487
Size (mm): 215x140mm
Pages: 184pp
Format: Paperback
Colour: Full Colour
Rights: World
Language: English
Publication Date: May 2013