Sappi Tree Spotting: KwaZulu-Natal and Eastern Cape (Revised)

Sappi Tree Spotting is a new, easy method of tree identification, written for the newcomer to the area, as well as the experienced tree enthusiast.

Until recently, trees have been an inaccessible enigma to all but the most devoted, botanically minded, tree-key followers. With the Sappi Tree Spotting series all this has changed. This series is an invitation to beginners and tree enthusiasts to embark on an exciting and informative journey. The books make tree identification easy and enjoyable, offering readers beautiful illustrations and photographs, and loads of fact-filled reading.

Sappi Tree Spotting is a new, easy method of tree identification. The books are based on three innovative concepts:

* It keeps the terminology simple. The average recreational tree spotter will never use 'pubescent' when hairy will do!

* Most trees are easy to find, as long as you look for the right trees in the right places.

* Some trees can be identified easily because of their Striking Features. These trees do not need a complex system of 'keying', because they are instantly recognisable.

Each book contains grids showing seasonal changes, the animal and human uses for each tree, as well as gardening tips, and information on parks, lodges and hiking trails. Innovative, accurate maps provide precise location information. Colour-coding lists the likely trees you will encounter in your area.

The Sappi Tree Spotting series covers trees in the Bushveld, Lowveld, Cape,  KwaZulu-Natal & Eastern Cape and Highveld regions.

In addition to the series two books have been developed to enhance this fast-growing eco-hobby in southern Africa namely Sappi Tree Spotting Lifer List & Sappi What’s in a name?

"Everyone with a love for or interest in trees has experienced the following scenario: you are standing next to a beautiful tree and are fruitlessly and frustratingly paging and re-paging through the expensive book on trees you have invested in to allow you to identify those species you do not already know. All to no avail. Familiar? It need no longer be! Jacana changed the rules. Ever since it published the first book in this acclaimed series way back in 1997 (Lowveld) tree spotting has not been the same. It revolutionised the concept by introducing some wonderful innovations ... brilliantly executed." – Timbila

Parameters of Book: Book
Author: Val Thomas and Rina Grant
ISBN: 9781431405411
Size (mm): 235x165mm
Pages: 320pp
format: Paperback
Colour: Full Colour
Rights: World
Language: English
Publication Date: August 2013