Passes and Poorts South Africa: Getaway’s Top scenic mountain routes

Many of the modern passes in South Africa still follow ancient animal migration routes; others are engineering masterpieces that challenge gravity.

All take travellers deep into rugged and wild terrain where nature reigns supreme. Passes & Poorts South Africa provides a detailed guide to the most scenic and is packed with information to enrich both the driving and the armchair travelling experience, from fauna and flora to the personalities behind the passes.

Activities highlighted in each area include favourite hiking trails, mountain biking tracks and 4x4 routes. Each chapter ends with tips on where to eat and stay, from bush camps and self-catering cottages to luxury lodges and hospitable guesthouses.

Many passes can be done as drives or weekend trips en route to some of South Africa’s most popular holiday destinations; driving others is an adventure in itself. Full-colour maps assist in travel planning and the routes and points of interest are illustrated with photographs by the author.

About the author

Marion Whitehead has long had an affinity for mountains. She developed a passion for mountain passes and poorts when she worked for a time as a tour guide and this became the subject of her first book, Passes & Poorts: Getaway’s Top 30 scenic mountain routes in the Western Cape. The freelance photojournalist loves roaming the country, looking for more exciting routes to share with readers.

Author: Marion Whitehead
ISBN: 9781431409587
Size (mm): 245x168mm
Pages: 276pp
Format: Paperback
Colour: Full colour
Rights: World
Language: English
Publication Date: April 2014