Cape Town Flavours and Traditions

Like a fine blended wine Cape Town Flavours and Traditions offers cuisine full of richness that yields subtle and exotic nuances to delight the most discerning and adventurous of palates.

Enjoy the melting pot of flavours inspired by the Strandlopers, the Dutch, the French Huguenots, the Malay slaves, Germans and the English.

Cape Town Flavours and Traditions is a little book of gastronomic delight. It brims with history, unique South African recipes, and will inspire you to cook flamboyantly.

This book tells a story, an easy-to-read story about the history of the Cape and its relevance today. Use it as a memento or to plan a visit to Cape Town.

About the author

Sophia Lindop was born on a farm near Douglas, a small village in the Northern Cape province of South Africa, where she grew up in an environment characterised by old-fashioned values. She developed a passion for the wide outdoors, for nature and for people from different walks of life. Sophia is fanatical about food and wine and displayed an aptitude for cooking from the age of five. She studied food and wine and was a registered tour guide for the Western Cape. Later Sophia began telling the story of Cape Town and Cape cuisine after which she became a private chef, food stylist and photographer, cookery school owner and recipe book author.

Author: Sophia Lindop
Photography: Neil Austin
ISBN: 9781431410323
d-PDF ISBN: 9781431410330
Size (mm): 160x160mm
Pages: 192pp
Format: Paperback
Colour: Colour
Rights: World
Language: English
Publication Date: July 2014