Blacks DO Caravan

60 caravan parks, 9 provinces and 25000 kilometres later:
Yes! Blacks DO Caravan!

“I come from a culture where camping is purely for white people. Even if black people were to camp, they would not enjoy it because it is reminiscent of how many of us used to live; in fact, a lot of black people still live like that today – cooking on a fire, using communal toilets, with access to little or no technology – I thought there was no way I would agree to this camping expedition.”

Blacks Do Caravan tells the story of a young South African family’s caravan journey, and the everlasting memories created along the way included amazing adventures and wonderful experiences. The book aims to inspire South Africans to take time out of their busy schedules and spend that valuable time with their families to discover the beauty of our country.

Fikile’s trip began on 15 September 2014 and during the journey she came to the realisation that South Africa is still a divided nation. Over twenty years into democracy, boundaries still divide us. Fikile aims to break those boundaries created by the past regime and contribute to the unity that is needed for all South Africans to move forward and experience this country equally. What better way to do it than caravanning? Fikile and her family visited over 60 caravan parks and extended their travels to the Kingdom of Swaziland, which became an eye opening, mind changing trip of a lifetime.


Fikile Hlatshwayo was born in North West province, South Africa. She has a BCom (Honours) degree in Statistics (2001) from UCT and an MSc degree in Development Finance (2006) from the University of Stellenbosch Business School. Fikile published a book on export growth opportunities in Africa in 2005.

Parameters of Book: 
Author: Fikile Hlatshwayo
ISBN: 978-1-4314-2377-4
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Size (mm): 245x168mm
Pages: 180pp
Format: Paperback
Colour: Black and White
Rights: World Rights
Language: English
Publication Date: June  2016