Beat about the Bush: Mammals and Birds (Revised and Updated)

In 2005, when the first Beat about the Bush was published, it was an instant success and everyone wanted more. Instead of simply reprinting the book, Trevor Carnaby decided to expand the content – and publish two separate titles: Beat about the Bush Mammals and Beat about the Bush Birds. Now, in response to overwhelming popular demand, Trevor has completely revised and updated the original favourite comprehensive book.

The book answers everything you ever wanted to know about birds and mammals, including the questions you didn’t even think you had: Have you ever wondered why birds have feathers? Or how they don’t fall off branches while sleeping? Have you ever wanted to know why animals walk in line, how they see at night, or why they have the colouring they do? 

Beat about the Bush is the most comprehensive bush and field companion available. In addition, it is set in a question and user-friendly answer format. The result is an insightful reference book in a style that appeals to novices, birders, tourists, bush enthusiasts and field guides alike.

About the Author

Trevor Carnaby is a professional field guide and has been working in the African bush for more than 20 years. He has been an avid bird-watcher since a child and, besides writing, is currently kept busy with guide training and specialist guiding throughout southern and East Africa with Beat about the Bush Safaris.

Author: Trevor Carnaby
ISBN: 9781431408535
E-book ISBN:  
Size (mm): 235x165mm
Format: Trade Paperback
Colour: Colour
Rights: World
Language: English
Publication Date: October 2013