The Yoga Kitchen - 100 Easy Superfood Recipes

The Yoga Kitchen celebrates nourishing whole-foods. These recipes enable you to reclaim your inherent power to heal your digestive system and boost immunity.

This book will inspire you to return to the kitchen to create delicious simple, satisfying and nutritious meals that will appeal to the whole family. All the recipes are gluten, grain and dairy free, and based on the ‘Food Combining’ principles that promote good digestion and nutrient absorption, weight loss and an alkaline body. 


highlighted health benefits of each recipe

  • the Yoga Kitchen 21-day meal plan to reboot your metabolism
  • an A–Z guide to the sources and roles of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients
  • traditional recipes for bone broth, cultured vegetables and sprouting that will transform your health
  • essential pantry ingredients and lifestyle tips


Marlien Wright is a teacher of yoga and Pilates, a certified nutritional therapy coach, yoga retreat facilitator, farm dweller, former city girl, mom and part time hippy. She has been studying movement, holistic wellness and nutrition as long as anyone can remember. 

Marlien’s Yoga Kitchen journey began when she started hosting and blogging about her ‘yoga retreat food’ and ‘yoga farm lifestyle’. She is passionate about good nutrition and helping others to rediscover their best health. Her love of good food was ignited while she was travelling and living abroad, where she discovered all the weird and wonderful foods out there and felt inspired to recreate healthier versions in her own kitchen. 

ISBN 978-1-4314-2404-7
GENRE Cookery/Health
FORMAT Hardcover
SIZE 235x235mm
EXTENT 178pp
RELEASE September 2016
RIGHTS World Rights