The Track

'The Track' is a railway track that connects DeRust with the outside world and Oudtshoorn.

"Fiercely original!" – Caleb Eastwood, The Herald

'The Track' is a railway track that connects DeRust with the outside world and Oudtshoorn. The characters in this extraordinary novel by the journalist, ex-punk and television producer, Katy Bauer, all live alongside this railway track. The Track connects their different stories, and provides the mechanics to drive the plot. A high-ranking English prince is to visit Oudtshoorn at the turn of the century, at the time of the first economic boom in ostrich feathers. The inhabitants of DeRust are determined to get the prince to stop at or, at a push, to slow down in, DeRust as he makes his majestic way to Oudtshoorn. What makes this novel remarkable is not just its freshness and audacity, but its humour and tragedy. You'll never look at the Eastern Cape in the same way again.

About the Author
Katy Bauer
is an adventure in progress. She left school at 15, was a teen punk in England – part of Thatcher's 'lost generation' – and spent most of the eighties as a house cleaner. While living in Cape Town in the mid-nineties she found a job writing listings for the Mail & Guardian. As she was too poor to visit any of the places advertised – and had no car – she made up stories about them instead. Soon Katy's listings developed a small cult following because of her creative approach and caught the eye of Marilyn Hattingh, then editor of Style Magazine, who employed her as a full-time features writer. Katy continued to write for various publications erratically between extended stays abroad. She went on to write and produce the content for 'The Toasty Show' for its duration. 

Katy has lived a gypsy-like existence, staying in more than 54 homes in England, Scotland, South Africa, the USA and France – many jobs, many lives, much experience.

Katy ceased her roving after meeting husband Pierre here in South Africa in 2000. They married in 2001, purchased their first property and had their first child at the end of March this year. Katy is currently working on her next book. 

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