Unhappily married Cape Town academic Art Berger is offered what appears to be a professional lifeline: to reconstitute the final papers of the great South African writer Charles de Villiers into book-form. He is uncomfortable about the role of ghost-writer, but the project becomes literary detective-work he cannot give up. Introduce De Villiers’ beautiful daughter Lynda, and Art is ensnared.

Sunderland alternates between sections, mostly in journal form, chronicling Art’s struggle to make sense of De Villiers’ fragmented and disordered text, and sections – scenes, notes, outlines – from that very work (also entitled ‘Sunderland’). A novel of (literary) ideas as much as of character, this fascinating collaboration by two of South Africa’s finest wranglers of words still comes to a literal crescendo; a finely tuned masterpiece to read in one sitting.

About the authors

Ken Barris is a writer and critic, based in Cape Town and working at Cape Peninsula University of Technology. His research interests include post-apartheid writing, the politics of space, and white identity. He has won various literary awards, including the M-Net Book Prize and Ingrid Jonker Prize, and most recently the University of Johannesburg Prize for his fifth novel, Life Underwater (2012).

Michael Cope has worked, among other things, as a designer, jeweller and a computer programmer. He also teaches Goju karate, and has published two novels, Spiral of Fire (1986) and Goldin: A Tale (2005), two volumes of poems, a memoir, Intricacy: A Meditation on Memory (2005), as well as several chapbooks of poetry and extensively on the Internet. He is a veteran performer of poetry and lives in Cape Town.

Authors: Ken Barris and Michael Cope
ISBN: 9781431410798
d-PDF ISBN: 9781431410804
ePUB ISBN: 9781431410811
mobi file ISBN: 9781431410828
Size (mm): 235x155mm
Pages: 200pp
Format: Paperback
Colour: Black and White
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Language: English
Publication Date: April 2014