Sibanda and the Death Head Moth

More murder mystery thrills from our favourite detective

Detective Inspector Jabulani Sibanda is back! With his sharp instincts and relentless hunger for justice, he returns to the bush territory he became so familiar with in Sibanda and the Rainbird. In this second installment, he is once again accompanied by his trusty sidekicks, Sergeant Ncube and the infamous Miss Daisy. In Sibanda and the Death’s Head Moth, Sibanda is short on clues, but, with his uncanny intuition, a fragment of material found in the brain of one victim, a puncture wound in the thigh of another and a diary full of coded names, he starts to build a case. Sibanda is still haunted by Berry, the unattainable love of his life. She is missing under mysterious circumstances. Ncube, on the other hand, is still haunted by myths, folklore, frightening figments and a stomach that requires constant attention. Are the murders connected? Will Berry be found? Will Miss Daisy finally splutter and die? 

About the Author

CM Elliott was born in England, immigrated to Australia and completed an Honours degree in French Studies at the University of Western Australia. She moved to Zimbabwe in 1977 and spent twenty-five years in an assortment of tents, tree-houses and bush dwellings, dodging charging elephants, rhino, buffalo and a rather angry spitting cobra, before moving to Bulawayo. CM Elliott took up writing seriously in 2010. She has won several literary competitions, most recently an Australian national short-story competition for The Forbidden Room. Her first full-length novel is Sibanda and the Rainbird, published in 2013 by Jacana Media.

Parameters of Book: 
Author: CM Elliot
ISBN: 9781431421480
d-PDF ISBN: 9781431422425
ePUB ISBN: 9781431422432
mobi file ISBN: 9781431422449
Size (mm): 235x155mm
Pages: 256pp
Format: Paperback
Colour: Black and White
Rights: South African
Language: English
Publication Date: May 2015