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New Times

From the acclaimed and award-winning author of What Will People Say? Rehana Rossouw takes us into a world seemingly filled with promise yet...

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Wolf Trap

Paola Dante is a driven project manager employed by a large multinational information technology corporation who reads war strategy books for...

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Shadow Play Cover

Shadow Play

Shadow Play is a powerful novel of subterfuge, betrayal, risk and deep bonds of friendship formed during a time of struggle and pain while a new...

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In Seun lê Sonnekus die sogenaamde Noughties op skitterende wyse vas met sy tragikomiese karakter Len Bezuidenhout, ’n onlangs geskeide man wie se...

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Son is a stunning achievement in post-apartheid writing. The debut novel by South African writer, Neil Sonnekus, Son brims with brio, verve and...

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Sibanda and the Black Sparrowhawk

Detective Inspector Jabulani Sibanda, a hard-bodied, bush-loving, instinctive crime fighter, is the focus of this series. He is based in a village on...

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The Sol Plaatje European Union Poetry Anthology Vol. VI

The sixth volume in this series anthologises the best entries for the 2016 Sol Plaatje EU Poetry Award.

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Permanent Removal

“Alan Cowell’s high-speed thriller rips a wormhole in the rainbow nation and throws us back to a time when right and wrong were fixed in blood and...

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The Dot Spot

‘A journey of sexual self-discovery for anyone wanting to broaden their horizon and boost their sexual self-esteem’ – Dr Trina E Read

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Sibanda and the Death Head Moth

More murder mystery thrills from our favourite detective

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