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89 Bags and Counting

89 Bags and Counting brings to readers and would-be travellers a fascinating but cautionary account of the exploits of Steve Chart, a man whose...

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A City Refracted

2013 Winner of the Ernest Cole Award With a foreword by Leon de Kock

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A Dialogue of the Deaf

As part of the ongoing and necessary effort to create a UN that is truly representative of all its members, this book attempts to present the African...

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A Different Kind of AIDS: Alternative Explanations of HIV/AIDS in South African Townships

This book explores how HIV/AIDS is understood in South African townships. In South Africa, infection continues and AIDS deaths continue despite...

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A History of Namibia

In 1990 Namibia gained its independence after a decades-long struggle against South African rule - and, before that, against German colonialism. This...

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A Kind of Magic

This book provides a completely new and fresh way of understanding the ANC, by looking at the way the organisation has marketed itself and built up a...

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A Matter Of Honour

The South African-born Chinese community is a tiny one, consisting of 10 000 to 12 000 members in a population of approximately 45 million....

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A Patented World?

Genetically engineered crops, patented computer programs, harvesting of human cells, and the exploitation of biodiversity, molecules and atoms for...

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Africa's Human Rights Architecture

Africa in the new millennium is characterised by a growing collection of human rights actors and institutions. Africa's Human Rights Architecture is...

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Africa's Peacemaker?

South Africa has done much in the 15 years since the fall of apartheid to establish its leadership on the continent. It has been a constant architect...

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