The Young Man with the Red Tie

It is November 1963. The white police state has captured almost all the underground leaders of the struggle against apartheid, including Nelson Mandela, and put them on trial on charges that carry the death penalty.

Bob Hepple, a 29-year-old lawyer, is making his hazardous escape from South Africa into Bechuanaland, the neighbouring British Protectorate, in order to avoid being called as a state witness. He has acted as Mandela’s legal adviser and has been a lifeline to the underground leaders, with whom he was arrested on 11 July 1963 at Liliesleaf Farm, Rivonia, and detained without trial. He has managed, in Mandela’s words about him, to ‘outwit the enemy’, and now faces the bitter revenge of Dr Yutar, the state prosecutor.

In this memoir of these dramatic events, Bob Hepple throws fresh light on the character of Mandela and other leaders and on the controversies surrounding the emergence of the South African Communist Party and its ‘secret’ resolution in December 1960 to begin the armed freedom struggle.

About the Author

Bob Hepple was born in South Africa in 1934 and was active as a student leader and in the South African Congress of Trade Unions. He participated in the underground struggle against apartheid, and acted as a lawyer for Mandela and other leaders. He escaped to England from the Rivonia trial in 1963, and was a banned person in South Africa until 1990. He is an international expert and activist in the fields of labour law, equality and human rights, Emeritus Master of Clare College and Emeritus Professor of Law in the University of Cambridge, a Queen’s Counsel and Fellow of the British Academy.


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Sub-title: A Memoir of Mandela and the Failed Revolution, 1960–63
Author: Bob Hepple
ISBN: 9781431407842
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Publication Date: June 2013